Interested in learning more about the engineering behind some of the key features of the FLIT-16? 

Here, our Technical Lead and Inventor of the FLIT-16 tells us about his inspiration for the design and gives an in depth explanation on how some of the bikes of the bike work. 

Features Explained:

Main Frame

Unlike other folding bikes, we’ve kept the main frame of the FLIT-16 completely free of hinges.

This increases the rigidity of the frame, which improves the overall ride quality. 

The main frame is made from 6000 series aluminium for its great strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. 

Custom Suspension Unit

We’ve custom designed a suspension unit to make sure that every road feels like a smooth one.

The unit consists of aluminium fins which are interspersed with elastomer discs.

The elastomer discs convert movement into heat – which is then drawn away by the aluminium fins. 

The total length of the suspension unit is just 5cm, and the total weight is just 120g. 


In the hinge areas, where there is a high level of contact force, we have used steel horseshoe inserts.

These maximise the durability and lifespan of the frame, preventing the hinges from wear and tear. 

Dual Side Torque Sensor

The torque sensor senses your pedalling effort, so that the motor can then amplify the effort that you are putting in – giving you an extra boost. 

Rear Hub Motor

Our motor is a 220W rear hub motor. We’ve chosen to position the motor in the rear wheel or the bike as it gives a more natural and comfortable feeling ride.

We’ve also opted for a single speed transmission system – with the dual torque sensor you won’t even need gears, as the system is able to sense when assistance is needed. 

The motor has 5 different assistance modes – so you can change these dependent on the amount of boost you want from the motor.

Sticking to single speed transmission not only reduces maintenance, but also reduces weight.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.



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