Flit wins 2019 ACID Design & IP Champion award

Jun 28, 2019

It’s been another week of excitement at Flit: we’ve won the 2019 ACID Design & IP Champion Award!

The award is being given to our design lead David Turpin for his work translating the engineering behind the Flit ebike into a design that looks and feels clean, modern, and coherent. Here’s what Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive of the Design Business Association had to say about David’s work:

“It’s rare that the combination of mechanical and technological innovation lead to a product that is also desirable in consumer eyes, and this is what makes Flit’s ebike stand out for me. In a world where we’re demanding more of the products we invest in because of their impact on us, the environments we live and work in, and on the environment at large, Flit have scored on all fronts. Cities need to be cleaner; inhabitants need to be fitter, and our products need to smarter; and all this needs protecting. They’ve set themselves up for a great, ‘protected’ future as a business.”

Flit Team! With Maya Blue FLIT-16
Team Flit

The development of the ebike has been a collaboration between the whole team. Here’s what Dave Henderson, our Technical Lead, and David Turpin had to say:

“We’re really happy to receive this award, particularly for an ebike project. Ebikes are a great way to encourage more people to experience the health and wider social benefits of cycling. In developing this ebike, we focused not only on reducing weight, having it fold down small, and making sure it rides well, but also on ensuring that it has a coherent design that anyone would be proud to own.”

Flit-16 folding ebike suspension, close up

David will collect the award at a ceremony in London on July 16th. You can read more about the award over at ACID[Edit: Dave and David picked up the ACID award two days ago in London. See the photo below]

ACID Award Win
David Turpin (left) and Dave Henderson (right) collecting the 2019 ACID Design and IP Champion Award

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