We kicked off our September with an unforgettable road trip to Eurobike, where we finally got to show our ebike to many of the suppliers and partners who have been working with us over the past three years.

We also had the pleasure of meeting some new suppliers, finding a good selection of saddles, grips and folding pedals for testing on the FLIT-16 to make sure that we are using the best components out there.


Dave with our battery development partner, MPS (a subsidiary of the giant computer manufacturer Acer), who helped us to develop our custom-designed lithium ion battery pack.

Mudguard Testing

Returning back to the UK, we have been getting our hands dirty with some mudguard testing. The search for a design that provides good coverage for both rider and bike, that is sufficiently robust, and that allows the ebike to roll when folded has led us to test a few different concepts.

We are still in the testing phase for these, but we will keep you updated as we home in on the final design.

Joe testing one of the mudguard concepts for the FLIT-16

Neater Cable Routing

We’ve been updating our cable routing to accommodate the increased handlebar height that so many of you asked for. We took the opportunity to test a few changes that should also give neater looking cabling.


Accessory Testing

We’ve had fun testing some different accessories with the FLIT-16 based on what you guys have been asking for in your survey responses.

We’ve found a kickstand that works perfectly with the bike, and we’ve also been testing the best places to mount the Foldylock.

FLIT-16 with a kickstand. We’re still waiting on a sample with a couple of changes, but this will be available as an accessory on the Members’ Area soon!

We’ve found that the best place to mount the Foldylock is on the head tube. The Foldylock is available to add to your order through the Members’ Area – follow this link. 

Update from Taiwan

Meanwhile, over in Taiwan our manufacturer has been working hard to get things ready for production. Although the changes we made after testing seem quite minor, they had several knock-ons with other parts of the bike.

The increased handlebar height for instance required a thicker steerer tube and caused conflicts with the fold, so we had to adjust the hinge angles and a few other bits and pieces to allow the bike to fold as seamlessly as before.

The result will be an even more responsive and comfortable ride and fewer weld lines. But all the changes have caused the CNC factory some headaches (several of the fixtures had to be re-made completely but are now done).

Parts of the bike we ended up changing are shown in red. Parts remaining the same are in green. You can see that quite a lot of work was involved, although most changes are quite small!

First CNC Parts Made

Dave will be heading out to Taiwan in the middle of this month to oversee the assembly of the pilot manufacturing run. While there he will also see what we can do to minimise the impact of the delays of CNC parts on the overall project timing.

The good news is that most of the CNC parts are now complete and looking absolutely fantastic! (If you’re wondering what CNC parts are, they are metal parts made using a CNC mill to remove material from a metal block until the desired shape and size is achieved – you can read more about CNC milling in our blog post from Dave’s previous visit to Taiwan here).

In a few days we will be able to start welding the front assembly while we wait for the last few parts.

The fork hinge

The yoke (when riding, the suspension is compressed against the flat panel)

The brake boss.

The steerer hinge.

Here’s where each part is on the FLIT-16:

Thanks to our backers!

Finally, a huge thanks to the backers who have been sharing their ideas and suggestions with us recently.

Your support and feedback have helped shape the FLIT-16 into what it is today.

We’re always grateful for any comments or questions that you have, so if you do have any please feel free to get in touch!

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