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It’s been a busy couple of weekends at Flit HQ! We’ve had our very first events showcasing our final prototypes: Fully Charged Live, The Cambridgeshire Bike Show, and the St Albans Sustainability Festival. It’s so great to finally get people test riding our ebike – we’re loving all of your feedback.

Here’s a quick video of our first Flit riders reactions:

Last weekend we had the pleasure of exhibiting our ebike at Fully Charged Live – a festival of electric mobility and clean energy at the home of British motor racing: the iconic Silverstone Circuit. The event was an epic 3 days of all things electric, and we were blown away by all of the wonderful reactions to our ebike. 

Robert Llewellyn and his Fully Charged team have done an amazing job with the show – there was such a buzz being created around cleantech, from displays of domestic solar panels and batteries for powering homes, to a menagerie of 1, 2 and 3 wheel micro vehicles, to a fleet of Teslas transferring visitors to the car park, and everything in between. It’s definitely worth a visit next year (we will be there again with our ebikes too!)

We also had the chance to meet one of our design heroes and an icon in the folding bike industry: Mark Sanders – known for designing the Strida, IF Mode, and Mando Footloose bikes. Dave, our lead engineer, met Mark a couple of months ago at the Taipei Cycle Show – so it was great that he could finally give our ebike a test ride! We’re honoured that he gave us such positive feedback and encouragement on the journey ahead as we gear up for manufacturing.

As well as Fully Charged Live, we had a fun couple of weekends showcasing our ebike at the Cambridgeshire Bike Show and St Albans Sustainability Festival. Again, loads of really positive and useful feedback, so thank you to all of you that gave the bikes a test ride! 

If you didn’t have a chance to check the ebike out at any of these events, we’re running test rides both at our HQ in Cambridge, and in Hampstead Heath, London – click below to book yours in!


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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