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  1. Stand on the side of the FLIT-16 without the chain
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  3. Rotate the pedals clockwise so that the pedal opposite you is pointing straight up
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  5. Rotate the handlebars to the right until they reach their limit
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  7. Balance the bike by resting the saddle on your hip. Hold the handlebars with your right hand, and use your left hand to undo the steerer clamp by rotating the clamp handle anticlockwise x number of times
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  9. Fold the handlebars down towards the front wheel with your left hand.
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  11. Undo the fork clamp by rotating the clamp handle anticlockwise 4 times
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  13. Holding the saddle with your right hand, reach over the hinge with your left hand and grab the main tube underneath the FLIT logo. Lift the bike with your left hand to release the front wheel, and roll the bike to the right until the front wheel is parallel with the main tube.
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  15. Standing up and holding the saddle with your right hand, use your right foot to press the lever above the rear brake. Lift the saddle up a small amount to prevent the lever clicking back in place.
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  17. Using your left hand, hold the fork close to the centre of the wheel. Lift the bike with both hands up and over the rear wheel, folding it underneath the frame.
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  19. At this point you can roll the bike on its own wheels
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  21. To complete the fold, undo the seat post clamp, push the saddle down, and re-do seat post clamp. The bike can now be carried by the front of the saddle, or the top tube.
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  23. To fold the pedals squeeze into the crank arm and push to the side to fold
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