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What is the range of the FLIT-16?

Up to 50 km (30 miles), depending on the level of assistance chosen and the type of terrain being ridden on.nnExample range from tests = 30.1 miles (50km) for a 90kg rider, on varied terrain, at level 3 assistance.

How does the motor work?

The bike senses how hard you are pedalling, and then amplifies your pedalling effort with power from the rear hub motor. nnPlacing the motor in the rear wheel allows for greater acceleration and a natural feeling ride. nnIt’s a 220W rear hub motor, powered by a...

What is the motor on the FLIT-16?

The FLIT-16 has a powerful 220W rear hub motor, located in the rear wheel. nnThe motor is manufactured by Bafang. We chose Bafang for their good reputation within the ebike industry, and the high quality, natural feeling ride that the motor gives.

I’m a tall rider, can I ride the FLIT-16 comfortably?

Yes! An extended 600mm seat post will be available, which is suitable for riders who are from 6ft 1″ to 6ft 6″ tall. The handlebars are also adjustable up to 60mm.nnOur co-founder Alex is 6ft 6″ and the ebike is designed so that he can ride it...

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