How to install a kickstand

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Tools needed

Ratchet with deep 15mm socket, or 15mm bike spanner



The kickstand should be installed on the non-drive side (the side without the chain).

First, you’ll need to remove the wheel nut using a deep 15mm socket or a 15mm bike spanner / adjustable spanner.

Place the small plastic washer onto the axel – you’ll notice a protruding part on the plastic piece that fits into the slot on the dropout, keeping it in place.

Next, place the kickstand on top of the plastic washer. The kickstand needs to be placed in its lowest position (the axel should be at the top hole).

Screw the wheel nut back on using your fingers initially. Tighten back up using the deep socket or bike spanner. If you have a torque wrench, you should tighten to around 20 N m, but if you don’t have one just tighten as far as you can by hand.

Once attached, the kickstand may need a bit of adjusting until you’re happy with it’s positioning. You can just bend the kickstand slightly until you’re happy.



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