How to prevent seat post clamp seizing

Jul 2, 2021

We have had a couple of riders report issues with their seat post clamp, so we wanted to make you aware and let you know how to prevent it from happening (it’s a 2 min fix!).


The thumb screw on the seat post clamp seizes, meaning that you can’t tighten or loosen the clamp. After investigating, we think that this is caused by a tiny grub screw inside the mechanism. This may get shaken out of place during riding, which causes the thumb screw to get stuck.


This fix is super simple – remove the grub screw! All you need to do this is a 2mm allen key, and it will take you less than 2 minutes to do. 

Here’s a video showing how to remove the grub screw:

We recommend that you do this as soon as you can in order to prevent the problem occurring.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks to all those who have given us feedback. When we hear about an issue from one customer, we are determined to be pro-active in resolving it for everyone. This helps you enjoy your FLIT-16, and it helps us to make improvements.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

Best wishes,

The FLIT Team

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