Hello Prototype #1

Oct 31, 2017

We have two big pieces of news this month: we finished our first prototype folding ebike frame and were invited to show it at the Hello Tomorrow summit in Paris.


As you know, we’ve been working hard to design and build the lightest possible folding electric bike that’s still easy to use and that doesn’t compromise on ride quality. 

Last week, we finished our first frame and couldn’t be more excited! The frame looks great with its early components and works well, folding down as small as the best folding bikes around and weighing in at 10kg. 

It’s always a special moment when something you’ve designed moves from the drawing board to reality, and now that we have it in our hands we’re exploring how we can make it even more convenient to use. We’re also working to finish the electrical system (battery, battery management system, and motor controller). This will add about 2kg and fit into the top tube of the ebike for a clean look. 

The team is looking forward to having a fully working prototype soon.


With the frame firmly in hand, we were ready for our first stop: the Hello Tomorrow summit in Paris. 

We were one of 500 startups selected to attend the summit and one of only 100 asked to showcase. We had a great time chatting to all comers about our ebike and confirming what we already knew: ebikes really are taking off everywhere in Europe. We’re confident that nobody has developed one that can match ours for size, weight, and practicality, but hearing about what others are working on was a great reminder to stay focused and humble. 

Outside, we didn’t have to look far for good news about ebikes in Paris: last week the mayor announced that a third of all new bikes for the city’s Vélib’ bike share scheme will be ebikes

It’s an exciting time for everyone working on the future of mobility right now. It’s motivating for us that the technology for really great ebikes is already here and awareness about them is rising. The time for ebikes in Europe is now and we’re excited to be part of it!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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