Lots of you have been asking about the extras that you can buy with the FLIT-16, so we thought we’d write a short blog post on exactly what’s available and how to add them to your Kickstarter pledge!

Add Ons available (you can find these in the Add Ons section towards the end of our Kickstarter page):

  • Folding front & rear mudguards
  • Spare charger
  • Spare FLIT-16 battery
  • Extended seat post

Folding Front & Rear Mudguards (£60)

We are currently developing our own FLIT folding front and rear mudguards for the FLIT-16. These are designed to tuck away neatly when the bike is folded and they do not interfere with the bike’s ability to roll on its own wheels when folded. 

 We have prototyped lots of different designs and folding mechanisms, and are now in the final stages of the development process. The mudguards will look very similar to those in the image above (please note that this is a stock supplier image at the moment) – we will keep you updated on the final design when it is finished! 


Spare charger (£50)

A spare charger is always handy! Keep one at home and one at the office. The FLIT-16 charger plugs straight into a normal mains socket, so that you can charge it anywhere! 


Spare FLIT-16 Battery Pack (£250)

Want to travel even further? Having a spare battery will increase your range to up to 100km! 

Extended Seat Post (£10)

Are you a taller rider? Our extended seat post is suitable for those over 6ft 1″ tall, and allows riders up to 6ft 6″ to ride the FLIT-16 comfortably.

Another thing to mention is that the handlebars on the FLIT-16 are also adjustable by up to 60mm. We’ve designed our ebike so that our Co-Founder Alex, who is 6ft 6″ tall, can ride with ease!


How to buy Add Ons with the FLIT-16

If you have already pledged on our Kickstarter campaign, upgrading your pledge to include add-ons and accessories of your choice is really simple! All you need to do is increase the value of your pledge by the total amount that your choices adds up to.

We have written a short blog post that walks you through the steps on how to add your extras here.


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


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