Eurobike 2019

Sep 6, 2019

We are currently at Eurobike, meeting with our suppliers and promoting our bike. It’s been great to finally be able to let our suppliers ride the bike they have helped create!

Flit Eurobike MPS Meeting
Dave meeting with a lithium ion battery supplier

We’ve had a great few days so far. Aside from the usual supplier meetings we’ve had a chance to meet some other startups working on interesting projects. On Wednesday we pitched on stage along with 19 other finalists for a chance to win the prestigious Eurobike Startup Award.

Eurobike Pitch
Dave and Alex pitching for the Eurobike Startup Award

Sadly we didn’t win the award but it was a great experience. We had a good chat with the winners, Asfalt, who are a team of super nice guys from Switzerland with an incredible ebike.

FLIT Asfalt
 Dave and the FLIT-16 meet Asfalt

On Thursday I spent some time sourcing components. Over the last few months, we received a lot of requests at shows for changes to the saddle, pedals and grips, so we’ve been busy sourcing possible alternatives to test ahead of the final final spec.

These touch points are quite easy to swap out as they don’t affect the final fold, so it’s worth spending the time making sure that we get them just right for our backers.

FLIT saddle shopping
FLIT-16 saddle shopping at the Selle Royal stand  – there were a few nice options here!

Before Eurobike, we were busy prototyping our new improved chain tensioner, a retaining feature that allows more space for extending the handlebar height and fork bosses for the V-brakes. We needed to issue drawings for these changes to our manufacturer ASAP to avoid production delays. 

We can now return our focus to the mudguards which we’ve been wanting to do for some time, especially since receiving some great ideas from our backers (thanks Bart and Ken!). We’ve got a few concepts that we have mocked up and are ready to be put on the bike for testing. One strict requirement for the mudguard is that it must allow the bike to be rolled on its own wheels when folded. 

We’ll be heading back to the UK on Sunday, so expect an update on mudguard testing to follow soon!

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